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Completed Projects

The following are projects that I have completed using the Blitz languages and made available to the public as Freeware or Shareware. As no source is available for these (unless featured on the Code page) you will be taken to the relevant page on my software site where you'll be able to find out more information and download the full program or a demo if it's shareware.

Max Invaders  
Max Invaders DX Max
As Max Invaders was a fairly simple game, I decided to revisit this one and add a few little extras. Some of the graphics have been changed, but the big addition is that there are now power-ups to help you out. Joypad support has also been added.

Worm Max
This is a very simple Snake game, albeit with a worm as the main character. The aim of the game is to simply guide the worm in order to eat numbers as they count down. It is basically a test engine for the PC version of Hiss, but I've released it as a Freeware game in its own right.

Max Invaders  
Max Invaders Max
Based on the same idea as Disc Invaders, this basically served as a demo/tutorial on making a Space Invaders clone. I since decided to spruce it up with a nice background and music, then release it to the public as Freeware.

Othello 3D
Well, it was bound to happen. I've written a version of Othello for every computer I've ever owned, so it was only a matter of time before I wrote a PC version. This version is 3D (for the first time), has pieces that actually flip and has four levels of AI that will even give the intermediate player a run for their money.

Attack of The Smilies  
Attack of The Smilies 3D
AoTS is based on the Disc Invaders code with the exception that proper graphics and sound have been added. The game also saw some additions in that lives, extra weapons and a mothership were included in the final game.

Rockfall - The Return  
Rockfall - The Return 3D
Rockfall started life on the Atari ST and was my biggest success. So it comes as no surprise to learn that my first PC game was a complete remake of that game. For the uninitiated this game pays homage to Repton (similar to Boulderdash), a game that I played on the Acorn Electron in the mid 1980's, but includes so much more.

Photo Organiser  
Photo Organiser 3D
This was a program I was contracted to write for Idigicon Ltd. It is basically a simple electronic photo album program where you can import pictures from your camera, add additional information and arrange them into albums. Basic image editing functionality is also included, such as cropping and red-eye removal.

Sprite Editor  
Sprite Editor 3D
Naturally, before I could start producing games, I would need something to create the game sprites in. The Sprite Editor was used to design the original graphics for the PC version of Rockfall (which were later re-designed by a professional artist) and includes basic editing tools to ease the process.

Current Projects

The following are projects that I am either working on currently or plan to release in the future. They are at various stages of development, including early concept stage (or even just in my head), so the estimated release timings can change at any time. The order in which I decide to work on these projects may also change at a moments notice.

Rockfall - The Return DX  
Rockfall - The Return DX Max
With the release of BlitzMax and to entertain the Apple Mac owners until the release of Rockfall Max (below), I have decided to port the PC version of the game. I will be taking the opportunity to fix a few annoyances and add one or two new features (but not too many). Main differences will be that the levels will be displayed full-screen and player profiles will be added (removing the need for a password system).
ETA: Summer 2007

Othello Max
Nothing really fancy here, as this will just be a remake of the Othello game above, which will just be taking advantage of the cross-platform capabilities of BlitzMax. As the 3D module is currently not available, it will be in 2D rather then 3D. However, should the 3D module arrive in time, then a 3D version will be considered instead.
ETA: Winter 2007

Revenge of The Smilies Max
It will come as no surprise to learn that this is the sequel to Attack of The Smilies, a Space Invaders type game where you're attacked by smilies rather than aliens. It is my intention to add loads of additional features and weapons to the original game. The plan is to turn the concept into a sellable game, as I have very little in the way of shareware titles on my main site.
ETA: Winter 2007

Word Worm  
Word Worm Max
Originally released on the BBC and Acorn Electron in 1988 as Hiss, this will be an educational snake game that teaches children how to spell. This remake for the PC, Linux and Mac will feature the same game-play, but will also have some additional educational modes as well as a pure fun arcade mode.
ETA: Spring 2008

Rockfall Max Blitz3D or Max (TBC)
Spud returns in his next adventure for the PC, with the possibility of a Mac release as well. Rather than just a remake of Rockfall - The Return it will feature some game-play changes and additions, plus a training mode and difficulty levels. They'll be a whole new graphics engine with everything in luscious 3D! I have some great things planned for this one and is one to definitely look out for.

Shooter (working title) Max
This is potentially one of two projects that I have in mind. One is an infinite level vertical shoot'em up and the other is a horizontal shooter in the classic Nemesis/R-Type mould. I have very little in the way of detail at the moment, with little more than a paragraph in my projects list, so watch this space...
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