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Welcome to the Blitz @ SOS Software website. Here you will find all the code examples that used to be included on the main SOS Software website, but as of April 2005 it was decided to split the old site into two and have the main site concentrate on the games and software side, and have all the old Blitz related stuff on its own mini site.

There are only two sections other than the home page, which are the Code page where you will find small functions and other samples that you may or may not find useful, and the Projects page where you'll find details of anything that I may currently be working on.

I hope you find the site useful and please don't forget to visit the revamped SOS Software main site. Please contact me at info@sos-software.co.uk if there is anything you would like to say about this site.

What is Blitz?

For those that have come by this site via a route other than the Coders Workshop or Blitz Basic sites, Blitz is a language that is a hybrid of BASIC and C that has been geared towards the creation of games. Unlike C++ that is used in the games industry, Blitz makes it easier for the bedroom coder (or even a professional) to put together games of a professional quality in a far shorter period of time.

Currently there are three versions of the language, which are aimed at different developers depending on what they wish to create, and all the information you need to learn about any of them can be found at Blitz Research's main site at www.blitzbasic.com. Their latest release, BlitzMax, is even available for the Apple Mac, so I now produce games across the PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

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